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Visit the links on this page to check out some of my favorite art websites.


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Beinart International Surreal Art Collective: the ever expanding online gallery of surreal, psychedelic, esoteric, outsider, fantastic, toy, lowbrow, comic, erotic & visionary artists:

Eric Ehlenberger: neon art installations by neon artist Eric Ehlenberger:

Marin Arts Council: The wonderful art organization that gave me TWO art grants, bless them:

 The George Sugarman Foundation: They gave me my first NATIONAL art grant!:

The MesArt Community: informative website for serious artists:
Claudia Cohen’s Facebook page

Claudia Cohen - LinkedIn :

Claudia Cohen, Bronze sculptor , Myspace page: > Everything about the art world: /

Pigman Gallery San Francisco   Had show there a few years ago... Cool eclectic art: : California Artist Claudia Cohen.-  my old site: the premier online social network for the art world: <

Sausalito Art Galleries:

Artful Jesters: A cool Site of the Art of Visual Wit and Humor: Very cool gallery web site:          

Casteelart   Very cool gallery web site / new name for cream

Monkdogz Urban Arts ; very eclectic New york Chelsea gallery where i showed in 2006:

Alyson B. Stanfield: Wonderful blog on the profession of being an artist:

Sausalito Art Festival : Sausalito’s renowned art festival:

Sculpture Collector Art Gallery of  Fine Sculpture In  Bronze, Stone, Metal:

Stephen Ehret ; Fine Oil painter of waterscapes, and more, also at the ICB:

ICB Artists Association: a large, vibrant and diverse community of talented artists in Sausalito at the ICB building:

All Arts On Line .com is an Collective Artist gallery :

Art and Antiques Magazine:

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