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Bronze Sculpture Ceramic Sculpture

Screwball One
10" x14" x 8", Edition of 20

Bronze Sculpture

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Everyone has a screwball in their life! This happy bronze man poses for you with complete attitude. Perhaps he could be a future public artwork? Can you imagine him posed in front of City Hall, reminiscent of the Apple 1984 Commercial?

For those who like to interact with their art, Screwball One has wheels and axles that actually turn.

"The work is a spin-off of an earlier piece called "Just Plain Screwy," which was a sort of Gulliver's travel-like fantasy portrait with a torrent of unleashed-screw-nosed creatures batteling on wheels. It appeared in the art book: Humor in Art by Nicholas Roukes where it was characterized as an example of "Comic Surrealism."

Claudia Cohen


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